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2014 Test Card, Studio Gallery, Warsaw

     The exhibition displayed a cycle of paintings entitled TEST CARD.        The paintings were presented in a specially arranged space of the        gallery, recalling old modernist exhibitions.Diploma exhibition.


2013 Traces, Traffic Club Warsaw

     A photography exhibition that presented a series of images created      during a visit to the Memorial and Museum at Auschwitz-Birkenau.


2012 Still life, Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw

     Exhibition of paintings in which the main subject was a still life.      Realistic oil paintings of objects that possess a strong emotional      cargo for the author.

2013 Mother

2013 ZOO

2014 RE:HOME

2012 Mother

2013 Berlin

2014 Pilgrimage

2011 krzaki

2014 domino

2011 chiny

2013 frame


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