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    (un)folded is a cycle of photo-objects andvirtual 3D rendered collages. This serie deconstructs the conventional way of perceiving the physical space and time in photography. Folds, wrinkles and paint rupture the photographic print. With the goal of challenging of the ideal digital print. By physical  interference the expectation of photographic perfection is being questioned. Violent gestures play with our perception, deformed our way of seeing. Is our perception modified in the digital world? These simulacra of modern architectural space  resemble sterile offices, mundane corporations.


       3D colleges were  constructed from scraps of digital photos to create  simulated space, digital desert. Photo-models depicted mostly modern architecture, interiors which look almost like generated in 3D program.  


    Spatial photo-objects  test the limits on photographic representation. By gesture of 'folding'  the stereotype way of perceiving the photo is questioned. The physical gestures are made against the logic of perspective  or so-called ’ the photographic truth’ depicted in the photography.  Do we still believe in the judgment of our eyes in digitalized world ? Are we more reserved to photographs as a source of knowledge? 





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