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Ingruttati Palermo - workshop/exhibiton MANIFESTA 12
For a period of 10 days a group of twenty local and international students and professionals from the fields of architecture, urbanism, and fine arts gathered to research the infrastructure of Palermo’s abandoned qanat network and the social structure of Danisinni, an isolated community built in the marshes of an old waterway just outside of the historic city’s gate.

Results of the workshop were exhibited in the Crypt of the Chiesa Parrocchiale, Santa Agnese – Piazza Danisinni from July 27th to November 4th 2018
Exhibition view.
Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 11.21_edited.png
Frame from video Karolina Majewska's "Liquid Danisini".
Insallation view. Video was projected on crypt's floor.
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