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    Is there something wrong with me?! - I thought to myself while I was leaving another insipid exhibition in one of these  hip galleries at the Oranienburg Street. I did not remember anything, except for a stale guard who was sleeping on a wobbly chair in a big gallery hall. It was ridiculous and sad at the same time.


    I am always excited before going to see new artwork. Unlikely, after this kind of exhibition I was more full of information than hope or experience. In the course of time, I am increasingly defeated by new art. Confusion is a permanent feeling. 

     It is hard to understand all art but I always try not to lose enthusiasm in searching for a key which could open a door for new meanings or just evoke new feelings and thoughts. Is my behavior right? Does a painting need to have a description or introduction? Is this special text a part of the artwork? To answer this question I must cite Gerhard Richter’s words: ” To talk about paintings is not only difficult but perhaps pointless, too. You can only express in words what words are capable of expressing, what language can communicate. Painting has nothing to do with that… Painting is another form of thinking.”


    In my opinion this is a very relevant comment which reassures me that it is not worth explaining paintings. Like music, paintings do not need clarification but sincere contemplation.  You do not have to be a specialist in the structure of instrumentals to take pleasure in listening to them. You simply feel it or not. You don’t have to have studied Art History to be able to feel Art. Of course, openness and  a positive attitude are essential to experience it. What painting is a good painting? What is it like? In my opinion, a good piece of art should express the author’s emotions, and the strong idea which nudged him to create. In this case we are faced with truth and beauty. People always will aspire to these absolute values.


    As a young painter I am put in a situation when I have to talk about my works. I find it extremely difficult.  These difficulties come from my hope not to lie. It is impossible to clarify every single brush stroke, shape or mark. Paintings are often discouraged because of incomprehension among people. It is easier  to read  descriptions, a few typical words  than to really try to understand, feel the painting as a whole. We need an introduction because we are afraid of making a mistake. But there are no mistakes in experiencing art . Every reaction is good and needed.


       Moreover I think this inexplicability is the power of art. It is not a mechanical action but a spiritual movement which we could not plan or fully understand. Why is it so valuable? When I exhibit my artworks I do not want to give straight information which elucidates every piece of art. It is too easy. I am more interested in the spontaneous reception of the audience.  What kind of writings would be the most suitable to express all meaning of artwork? Could long philosophical elaborations fully describe  the painting ? Maybe poetry could utter it precisely? Maybe haiku could express it? What we need is to use a different art to describe the painting? For me it has no sense. It is wrong to tag art because it is mechanical movement. In my opinion this is completely unnecessary. I think description usually puts painting in a pigeonhole. We could not talk about it directly because it is another language - visual.


   Nowadays people create so many things which are called art. Why is this oceanic feeling experienced so rarely? Maybe artists are not sincere in creation. They are too mercenary. A lot of people create to cure their complexes or for money. This is not wrong behavior but is often caused by laziness in creating. People do not work enough and appreciate mediocre results. That is the reason why the creators use words- to make a sense stronger, clearer. This kind of  art bores us. It does not inspire because it is empty of meanings and values. I think this movement is the end of art, because we lie and forget about ourselves, forget about childhood amusement and naïve sincerity. I am sure art will exist and be vital in future. People always will be fascinated in absolute values. People always will be fascinated in other people. Painting is the simplest way to show our emotional states, ideas and beliefs to others. Every painting is unique like a fingerprint. It is a special time when we could meet another human who tries to be the best. Painting for me in this case is a strong endeavour to overcome human weakness. It is simply intimate and beautiful.

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